S-130: The Last surviving German S-Boat

Since 2005 Harry Bennett has been involved in a heritage project to safeguard and document an historic ship. The ship in question is S-130: The Last surviving German motor torpedo boat (S-Boat) of the Second World War (see below for the film on this work).

His work has involved researching the history of the boat and contextualising its development and history for the purposes of restoration. That in turn has meant working with international archives and the family that built the boat and working through their private holdings including textual, photographic and film records. It has also meant working with public, including veterans groups, heritage organisations, documentary makers and the media interested in the vessel's involvement in a 1944 tragedy involving American troops off the South Devon Coast. That involvement culminated in the definitive documentary on the disaster: America's Secret D-Day Disaster

For further information contact Harry Bennett or see an interview with Harry on youtube.